Photopia Marketplace Posting Rules

If you have templates, styles, etc. for sale and you'd like to promote your items please post a link to your own web site here with a description of the items. You will be limited to ONE POST PER WEEK. Posting for other members is not allowed. Follow up responses to posts are not allowed. Any questions or requests must be made in private.
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Photopia Marketplace Posting Rules

#1 Post by MG - Admin » Tue Sep 17, 2019 6:58 pm

This section of the forum is for all members who create styles, templates, etc. for use with Director and Creator, and wish to sell them to other members here at the forum. Please take note of the following terms before posting your message:

1) Members may only post one (1) new thread during a seven (7) day period
2) Posts promoting web sites for anyone other than the member posting the thread are not allowed
3) No replies or responses will be allowed
4) All comments, questions, suggestions, etc. must be made via PM or email

The above terms are in place to avoid having members spam the forum for business, as well as prevent members from "bumping" messages up to the top of the list for the sake of getting increased exposure.

Thank you for everyone's cooperation. Good luck with your businesses!